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Blog Topics: How to go from very shy to less shy

I first want to thank Chris Brogan for the topic of this blog post.  He gave bloggers 100 topics he feels bloggers neglect so I’m attempting to offer my expertise on one of the subjects I so dearly relate to, shyness.  Hope this helps.

Cover of "Little Miss Shy"

Cover of Little Miss Shy

Looking back on my life I have always been shy. Science will tell you nurture and not nature attributes to many of the traits people exhibit, but as I grew to understand and know more about my mother and father, I realize much of the way I am came from the way they were.  Most of the way I behave comes from my mother though.  But I refuse to go on about why myself or other people end up being shy.  This blog is about how I’m overcoming major shyness to become the kind of person I have always admired, those darn extroverts.
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