What Online Dating and Personality Tests Mean for an Introvert

Recently I decided to try my hand at an online dating site, not cause I NEED help with dating, but because I need help with dating.

Honestly I just wanted to see what online dating is all about, but one can’t really do that for free (free means look but don’t touch). Anywho…this particular dating site is not only interested in matching people by personal interest, but by characteristic/personality compatibility.

Not realizing and knowing what I was doing I decided to take this highly advertised color personality test. After about 20 or so minutes answering seemingly tedious questions describing my childhood behavior? O_o, I found out I am over 50% white.  Clearly you can see from pictures of me that’s far from accurate, but I was clueless to what that actually meant since white was a color I had never heard used in a color personality analysis. So I began to read more.

I found out that being white makes one a peacemaking, confrontation avoiding, keeping feelings bottled up loner.  Reading further I found it means I do well on my own because as it turns out, being a loner works in my favor (less easily distracted and much less high-strung).

It’s not a must that whites have people around all the time, its less preferred if others are not similar in personality and interests. Whites don’t always express their feelings. Whites are highly capable, artistic, and giving people. Everything I understand about myself, this simple little analysis confirmed true.  And while I thought something might be wrong with me due to my past, it turns out I’m more a product of my heavenly DNA than I am of my life experiences.

I always thought I was made to shut people out by my past experiences, but the color personality analysis showed me my past experiences were just a product of who I am.  I even learned my compatibility with the other three color personalities.  After reading the good, the bad and the not so ugly truth about me, I began feeling more satisfied with self than I ever have in 34 years of living.  Then it hit me, if I’m that unique its gonna take a guy made just as specially as I am to come into my life and make it past the first round of auditions for So You Think You’re Worth Dating?!

I cancelled my dating account for multiple reasons; most of all cause I’m just not ready to pay for help finding love. But, in the short-lived time I existed in the world of online dating, I learned a lot about me and how to assess the type of men who approach me.  Most importantly I learned at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with me, myself, nor I. In fact, the three of us get along quite well.

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2 thoughts on “What Online Dating and Personality Tests Mean for an Introvert

  1. Very interesting blog post. I love that even though the online dating didn’t work out, you got something more valuable out of the experience: the realization that there’s “nothing wrong with me, myself, and I.” I love your last line – “the three of us get along quite well.” That’s invaluable information to have about yourself.

    • Thanks Darlene. The most interesting of it all is coming to know and understand self more with time. Knowing self truly does make a difference in relationships because it makes for better relationship choices. And if I never date again, there will always be my two best friends

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