About Me

My name is K. Hodge and I’m new to blogging but quickly becoming familiar with it.  I am a mother of one son living in Chicago, IL.  I’m also a writer, entrepreneur and of course, an introvert.  Although I have multiple pages online where I write specific to my journey in business and a few other things, I dedicate this blog to my journey from a natural-born introvert to a “social butterfly” (not quite there yet).  I’m more excited about the rest of my life than I’ve been before. I’m glad to take you on my journey through what I learn and realize about this thing called life.

Enjoy my articles and if you like what you’ve read comment, share, and subscribe.  Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sarah says:

    I like your articles, being an introvert and having struggled with low self esteem earlier on in life,I identify with many of them. Thanks

    • Thank you Sarah. I really appreciate you taking time to read. It’s always refreshing when you finally learn you’re not the only one who thinks, feels, or acts the way you do.

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