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Introvert Vs. Extrovert Formula for Success

Just thought I’d share the following link to an article I found on Huffington Post about none other than us Introverts. As I’ve written before, it wasn’t until recently that I realized being Introverted doesn’t mean being abnormal. Still I had doubts about becoming a Successful writer, entrepreneur and leader. All I know is I have dreams that didn’t appear to coincide with my quiet, shy, and solitary seeking natural born behavior. As I seek more knowledge, wisdom and understanding for my time on this earth, I began to see the most successful people are those who are flexible, but most importantly know and accept who they are and use that knowledge as an advantage, stepping stone or breakthrough. @HuffingtonPost: 6 secrets of successful introverts http://huff.to/TvsBuv Shared via TweetCaster

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